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Build your wealth as you build your career with our strategic financial expertise

You’re out there making the most of your career, elevating your stature and building your wealth. Key Private Bank is here to help you make the most of that wealth. Our team helps you build, manage and refine your long-term strategic financial plan – so you can focus on your career while we support your goals.

Understanding your needs

Whether you're a physician , attorney or CPA, dentist, engineer, architect or other skilled professional, your personal wealth demands the same level of quality care you deliver to your clients. You shouldn’t be missing out on chances to grow and protect your wealth. Having a plan in place can help you take advantage of those opportunities – not just when it comes to your financial aspirations, but also your life goals.

Developing your plan

As you plan for the future, these questions will help you stay focused on preparing a solid wealth management strategy.

  • How soon do you plan to retire and what are your goals?
  • Do you understand your investment risk tolerance?
  • Are you confident you will have sufficient assets to meet your lifetime needs?
  • How do you protect your personal assets from potential legal threats?
  • How can you maintain the wealth you've earned so far and grow it?
  • If you own an interest in a professional services firm, what will happen to your interest upon death, disability or retirement?
  • Have I maximized my available options to save for retirement?
  • How should I balance saving for retirement and for my children’s college education?
  • If you own your own professional practice, how can you maximize its value before you sell it? What is the value of your professional practice?
  • Have you sufficiently addressed the potential risks to preserving your wealth, including unexpected death, health issues, accidents or disability?
  • Tax projections

Working together for a solid financial future

Key Private Bank offers services and solutions to address each stage of your career – whether you're starting out or nearing retirement. Our team of experts can help you build a customized, integrated wealth strategy that will help you reach your long-term objectives and preserve the wealth you've worked so hard to earn.

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