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Wealth Management

Using Key Wealth Direction®.

Keep your financial plans close and check in whenever you want to. Read about the latest trends for using digital resources to support and grow your wealth, including Key Wealth Direction®, Key’s secure digital wealth management tool.

Getting Your Financial House In Order

Following are some of the major categories and tasks our advisors and I are recommending for clients to get their financial houses in order.

What’s Driving the Real Estate Market and Is It Sustainable?

The housing market has been red hot this year, and the demand for homes has been robust in nearly every part of the country. We think there are several factors that are fueling today’s strong real estate market.

Investment Lines of Credit: Good to Have and Good to Use

Access to liquidity is an essential tool in the execution of every wealth plan.

Achieving Best-in-class Wealth Management Integration

For a family’s long-term wealth management strategy to succeed, its advisory team's efforts must be integrated.

Using Intrafamily Loans to Take Advantage of Low Rates

When properly structured, an intrafamily loan can help the borrower achieve important life goals and provide the family with an excellent wealth transfer planning tool.

2021 Economic and Investment Update

While we did not foresee the worst healthcare crisis in over a century, the worst economic decline in 90+ years, the fastest 30+% stock market decline followed by the quickest recovery, we posed two scenarios that could unfold over time.

Navigating Market Volatility and Tax-Loss Harvesting

The global coronavirus outbreak has caused record-setting market volatility. But that volatility could allow investors to reduce their tax liabilities.

Estate Planning Strategies in a Low-Rate Environment

With our new surreal reality of closures and social distancing, this is a good opportunity to create or review estate planning documents to ensure they are current and accurately reflect your goals and objectives.

Five Ways to Organize Your Finances During Your Downtime Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

While practicing social distancing and staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are given an opportunity to handle a few important tasks that may normally fall to the back burner.

The Team Spirit: What Makes a Good Intergenerational Wealth Management Advisory Team?

These teams can positively impact family financial planning across generations. But what makes a good advisory team that can address intergenerational wealth planning?

Buying Supplemental Health Insurance: Medigap

Medicare won’t cover all of your healthcare costs during retirement, so you may want to buy a supplemental medical insurance policy known as Medigap.

Medical Professionals: A Prescription for Your Financial Health

The demands on medical practitioners today can seem overwhelming.

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