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Every financial path differs, goals shift, opportunities arise. With Key Private Bank, your trusted resources are your advisors, experts who ensure that at each step, you have the knowledge and guidance you need to chart your course with confidence.

Meet Our Wealth Institute Experts

Joanne Smallwood headshot
Joanne M. Smallwood

216-689-4472  |  Send an Email

Director of Strategic Implementation & Business Support

Key Wealth Institute Editorial Chair

Expertise: Wealth management, governance and investment counseling

George Mateyo Headshot
George Mateyo

216-471-2136  |  Send an Email

Chief Investment Officer

Expertise: Asset allocation, traditional & alternative investment strategies, portfolio construction, governance and investment counseling

Anne Levin Headshot
Anne Marie Levin, J.D., LL.M, HDPtm

302-574-4700  |  Send an Email

Director of Family Wealth Consulting

National Practice Leader for Family Wealth Legacy Planning Services

Expertise: Legacy planning, estate planning, tax strategy

Tina Myers Headshot
Tina A. Myers, CFP®, CPA/PFS, MTax, AEP®

216-689-0878  |  Send an Email

Director of Financial Planning

Expertise: Financial planning, tax planning and strategy, trust and estate planning, philanthropy

Francis Brown Headshot
Francis Brown, JD, MIM, LL.M

303-575-2183  |  Send an Email

Director of Family Wealth Consulting

Expertise: High-net worth planning, business sale and valuation, business consulting, economic trends, tax strategy

Gretchen Miller headshot
Gretchen Miller, MBA, CFP®

203-784-5134  |  Send an Email

Senior Client Experience Manager

Expertise: Retirement planning, social security and medicare, income tax strategies, tax efficient distribution planning, estate planning

Gary Poth Headshot
Gary W. Poth

216-689-5607  |  Send an Email

Executive Managing Director

Head of Key Family Wealth

Expertise: High-net-worth planning, investment management, philanthropy, trust and estate planning

Jeffrey Getty Headshot
Jeffrey T. Getty, JD, MS(tax), CFP, AEP

412-303-4521  |  Send an Email

Managing Director of Family Wealth Consulting

Expertise: tax planning, transactional tax, business sale and valuation, business consulting, alternative risk management practices, philanthropy

Nancy Anderson headshot
Nancy L. Anderson, CFP®

801-297-5866  |  Send an Email

Regional Planning Strategist

Expertise: Retirement planning, personal wealth finance, financial planning

Derek Banning headshot
Derek Banning, CFP®, CTFA

208-364-8696  |  Send an Email

Senior Client Exp Manager

Expertise: Legacy & Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Special Needs Trusts

Paul Kieffer headshot

716-819-5581  |  Send an Email

Regional Planning Strategist

Expertise: High-net-worth financial planning, business succession, planned giving, trust and estate planning, risk management

Joe Velkos headshot
Joe Velkos, CPA

216-813-6176  |  Send an Email

Tax Director

Expertise: High net worth planning, tax planning, strategy and compliance

James Kavulich headshot
James Kavulich, JD, CTFA

216-689-5021  |  Send an Email

Trust Legal Liaison

Expertise: Trust and Estate Planning, Wealth Management, Risk Management

Adam Hyser headshot
Adam Hyser, CFP®, CLU, ChFC

330-464-1661  |  Send an Email

Wealth Protection Strategist

Expertise: Risk management and wealth protection, estate planning, tax planning, philanthropic giving

Daryl Gordon headshot
Daryl L. Gordon, JD

860-293-4174  |  Send an Email

Regional Director of Trust

Expertise: Trust and estate planning, wealth management, planned giving, financial policy / legislation

Jim Thomas headshot
Jim Thomas

239-466-2516  |  Send an Email

Team Leader – Senior Banking Advisors

Expertise: Strategic Use of Credit, Complex Credit Structuring

Dan Fiedler headshot
Daniel E. Fiedler, CFA

518-257-8607  |  Send an Email

Senior Portfolio Manager

Expertise: Asset Allocation, Investment Management, Portfolio Construction, Security Analysis

Renee Porter Headshot
Renee M. Porter-Medley, CFP®

239-466-2512  |  Send an Email

Regional Planning Strategist

Expertise: Financial planning, trust and estate planning, planned / charitable giving

Rajeev Sharma Headshot
Rajeev Sharma

212-424-1849  |  Send an Email

Managing Director of Fixed Income - Key Investment Center

Expertise: Taxable and Tax-exempt fixed income investments, trust funds, institutional model strategies

Naoko Huffman Headshot
Naoko Huffman, MS TAX, CFP®, CPWA®

206-684-6122  |  Send an Email

Senior Client Experience Manager

Expertise: Financial planning, tax planning, trust and estate planning

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