grandfather and granddaughter

Leaving Your Legacy

Passing down wealth & ideals.

Your legacy is about more than material things. Discover how to let your vision guide the future of your family and heirs.

The Road Less Traveled: Recording Your Life's Journey for Future Generations

When it comes to passing on an inheritance, financial assets are undoubtedly important, but multiple studies show it's more important to pass on family values, stories, life lessons and traditions.

Living and Leaving your Legacy

When most people think about leaving a legacy, they mean leaving financial assets to their children and grandchildren, their favorite charities, and other heirs.

Your Story: A Lasting and Meaningful Legacy

In a previous article, I described legacy planning, the missing piece to traditional wealth transfer planning.

The Anatomy of a Family Mission Statement

At Key Private Bank, our Family Governance approach starts with developing a family legacy framework that will empower your family to achieve its financial and interpersonal goals.