A Disciplined Approach to Investment Management & Strategy

Market and economic conditions in recent years have many investors questioning prior investment strategies and seeking answers to complex questions. Questions like: Do I have the right mix of investments for today’s environment? With problems in Europe, should I change my strategy for overseas investing? How do I generate enough income when rates are so low? Should I buy gold now or is it too late?

At Key Private Bank, our investment management team believes our clients – successful individuals and families – can benefit from investment advice that is objective and tailored to meet their individual needs. We follow a consistent, disciplined process to help you determine your priorities, create a personalized investment strategy and reach your goals.

Our Core Beliefs

Diversity is a winning strategy. No one person can know everything and no single investment management approach works all the time. A team of experienced individuals employing a thoughtful combination of disciplined investment strategies maximizes the probability of success.

Windshields are better than mirrors. An investment strategy’s future success is what matters, and that may or may not be related to its historical track record. Selecting investments based primarily on successful past performance is the equivalent to a “buy high, sell low” strategy, which often leads to disappointing results.

At extremes, go against the crowd. Momentum can drive “popular” investment positions to extreme valuations beyond what are warranted by their fundamentals. When everyone is on one side of a trade, the other side is often the safer place to be.

When you work with our team, you can expect to receive straightforward solutions, honest perspective, uncompromised objectivity and superior service. We implement investment strategies that are designed to deliver solid results – because we understand in the end, what really matters, is how well we perform for you.