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Our national team of consultants and thought leaders works with you to increase your business value, minimize your tax burden, advise on your investment portfolio and ensure the longevity of your wealth for generations to come. This highly credentialed multidisciplinary team works exclusively with our largest families to implement industry-leading strategies designed to mitigate risks and maximize the growth of your total family enterprise.

Business advisory services

Our advisors specialize in bridging the gap between your business and personal financial assets to establish a family financial enterprise. Through the lens of a single overarching structure, we implement strategies for the tax-efficient monetization of closely held corporations, as well as strategies to reduce business risk and increase the overall company value. In doing so, the team optimizes both your business and personal assets to maximize your total after-tax wealth portfolio.

Investment consulting

Grounded in the belief that wealth is enhanced when managed holistically, our team has a long history of addressing each client’s unique investment issues by combining extensive manager research with custom portfolio construction to provide integrated solutions aligned with their goals. We take into account all of our clients’ assets, including real estate and closely held businesses, to optimize the risk/return profile of your total portfolio. As a fiduciary, we take a completely unbiased approach, which allows us to serve objectively as your chief investment advisor.

Tax and estate planning

How much of your wealth is consumed by taxes? Would you like to understand strategies that would significantly reduce the burden that is likely the biggest drain on your wealth? Do you have a good handle on all the risks that jeopardize your wealth and your family’s future?

Unfortunately, many families fail to take advantage of the tools and strategies available that can have a material impact on the after-tax value and protection of both business and personal assets. Our experts work with your team of advisors to address these and other issues, developing strategies that utilize various legal structures to effectively grow and shield your wealth from unforeseen risks.

Legacy planning

For centuries, most families have planned for their futures through traditional financial and estate planning. And for centuries, those plans have ultimately failed the families they were supposed to protect. In 70% of families, both the assets and the family unity are exhausted by the end of the second generation. By the end of the third generation, 90% of families have seen their unity and their assets disappear.

So what makes the 10% successful? It’s about more than money. It’s about the legacy and leaving a mark on the world. The focus shifts from financials to building a strong bond within the family, full of trust and communication. These families work diligently to share their stories, values and life lessons with their heirs and prepare their children to responsibly manage wealth. Our legacy planning services are designed to help our client families address these critical issues and provide a solid foundation for the successful transition of wealth for many generations to come.


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