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For centuries, most families have planned for their futures through traditional financial and estate planning. 

And for centuries, those plans have ultimately failed the families they were supposed to protect. In 70% of families, both the assets and the family unity are exhausted by the end of the second generation. By the end of the third generation, 90% of families have seen their unity and their assets disappear. 

So what makes the 10% successful? It’s all in the details. It’s not just the financial inheritance they look to pass on, but the familial inheritance as well. These families work diligently to share their stories, values and life lessons with their heirs. It’s about more than money. It’s about the legacy and leaving a mark on the world. The focus shifts from financials to building a strong bond within the family, full of trust and communication. Together, we can prepare each family member from one generation to the next. 

Ensuring your legacy lives on

Grandmother and grandchild hands on a rolling pin

When it comes to passing on an inheritance, financial assets are undoubtedly important, but multiple studies tell us that it is more important to receive and pass on the family's values, stories, life lessons, and traditions.

A study by the Allianz Company in 2012 found that Baby Boomers felt that a familial inheritance was far more important than a financial inheritance, with 86% of both Boomers and their parents rating “values and life lessons” as the most important legacy they could receive or leave. Only 10% said that financial assets or real estate were important as an inheritance.

Still, most professional advisors approach planning from a purely financial perspective. “What is your net worth?” “How much money do you want to pass on to your children?” and “How should we plan to minimize your estate taxes?” While these questions are important, they do not complete the picture.

If we have learned anything from decades of experience and studies, it’s that planning for the future of your money is not the same as planning for the future of your family

Envision your family’s future, together

Key Family Legacy Day can be the beginning of your family’s journey toward keeping your family’s wealth and unity intact for generations. During Key Family Legacy Day your family will define its purpose, learn the various leadership and communication styles of each member and how to enhance their communication, identify areas of common vision, and set priorities for the future. The day includes educational sessions and group exercises facilitated by our professionals. The family will create an action plan, including philanthropic and educational elements, which will help your family achieve its mission and sustain its wealth for many generations.

Your Lifestyle

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