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Running a successful business takes hard work and dedication. The same can be said for managing your own personal wealth. At Key Private Bank, our team includes financial advisors who specialize in serving business owners, helping them manage their wealth while meeting their unique challenges and needs.

Your Life

The demands of operating a business often cause business owners to put off important personal wealth management issues. Yet implementing some basic planning strategies can help you make sound decisions for you, your family and employees, plus maximize the value of your business when you are ready to sell.

Your Plan

These questions can help you start thinking through what you need for a solid financial plan.

  1. How much wealth do you want/need to retire or meet your personal, financial goals?
  2. Are you willing to make gifts of interest in the family business to your children, or trusts for their benefit, if you can maintain management control?
  3. Are you and your spouse in agreement as to the ultimate disposition of the family business?
  4. Are you planning to keep the business in the family?
  5. When you retire, do you still want to retain some control over the business?
  6. If you die unexpectedly or become disabled, will your family have sufficient liquid resources to hire someone to replace you and provide adequate ongoing capitalization?
  7. If you have multiple owners, is there a buy-sell agreement in place that provides for a reasonable valuation for the business and terms of payment if the business is sold?

Our Approach

At Key Private Bank, we’ll work with you to develop a financial plan that guides you in addressing all of the questions above – and much more. We understand that a financial plan is so much more than getting a return on your investment: It’s bringing together your goals and aspirations with the reality of your life, market forces and business operations.

Access Our Expertise and Insights

Browse our resources and articles below to learn more about the latest trends that could impact your
wealth management as a business owner.

Managing Your Business

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Our Insights

Our Insights

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Managing Your Business

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