Key Wealth Matters Podcast: An Update on COVID-19's Impact on M&A Activity

COVID-19's impact on the course of US economics and business remains foundational. According to the most recent quarterly report released by the US Commerce Department, the US economy contracted by a record 32.9% in the second quarter.

Yet the narrative around Mergers and Acquisitions was a different story. The Alliance of Merger and Acquisition Advisors recently released a survey based on second-quarter M&A activity. Findings indicated that while 40% of in-progress deals were suspended, 35% are still in progress, with 11% of those deals closing. So, has COVID-19 had that fundamental impact on business transactions? Is the current environment a good time for owners to consider selling?

In this episode of the Key Wealth Matters podcast, Managing Director of Family Wealth Consulting with Key Family Wealth, Jeff Getty, is joined by Directors of Family Wealth Consulting, Francis Brown, and Michael Ella, to discuss the latest trends in M&A activity.

Tune in to this latest podcast to:

  • Discuss the status of business transactions based on 2nd Quarter 2020 data releases
  • Review M&A activity by industry
  • Understand the changes to company valuations and deal structure
  • Identify the critical takeaways business owners need to begin considering