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Coronavirus Impact

Latest economic updates and analysis on the COVID-19 crisis.

During this time of uncertainty, market volatility and unprecedented policy change, it’s important that you base your decisions on accurate data. To help you make informed decisions to support your goals, we’re bringing the latest insights from our top investment and financial planning experts right here.

Key Private Bank Investment Brief

Our leading experts bring you their weekly research and insights on topics that matter most to you. From navigating turbulent global financial markets to interest rates, inflation and wealth management, KeyBank Investment Center insights delve into today’s trends and tomorrow’s opportunities.

PinnacleCare Medical Intelligence Report

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the gaps in our personal and family healthcare strategies. In a time of uncertainty, it can be stressful to make informed strategic decisions for your family and loved ones when flooded with information from various sources.

Key Questions: Is Evergrande a “Lehman Moment”?

Evergrande is China’s second largest property developer, and it has more debt on its balance sheet than any other property company in the world (in terms of debt outstanding).

Key Questions: What Did We Learn in 2020?

Despite a challenging 2020, it is worth reflecting on important lessons learned from a most demanding and unsettling year.

Key Questions: Winter Update – Is it Safe to Reopen the Economy?

As President-elect Joe Biden recently introduced his economic team, he sought to assure the American people that "Help is on the way." While Biden was largely referring to economic assistance coming to those hardest hit by the pandemic, equally important in our view is that science and medical advances also have many believing that help is on the way.

Key Questions: What Surprises Might 2021 Have for Us?

We will soon publish our 2021 Outlook, which begins with a review of our 2020 Outlook. While we did not foresee the worst healthcare crisis in over a century, the worst economic decline in over ninety years, the fastest thirty-plus-percent market decline followed by the quickest recovery in stock market history, and the deepest racial divide in over fifty years, we did pose two "more extreme" scenarios that could unfold over the coming years.

Key Questions: 2020: A SPACtacular Year?

In terms of dollars and number of deals, special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) issuance in 2020 has broken all previous records.

Key Questions: What Happens If...?

In political parlance, an "October surprise" is a headline-grabbing event that has the potential to influence the outcome of an election. Because many of the most prominent elections occur in early November, such events that take place in October are seen as "scrambling the political calculus just as the stakes are at their highest," according to one political observer.

Key Questions: Why Is Conviction Key?

The odds of favorable outcomes typically improve when investments are made with conviction, resulting in success over the long run.

Key Questions: Are There Real Opportunities in Real Estate?

Given the current level of bond yields, we believe that certain segments of the commercial real estate market may offer attractive opportunities.

Key Questions: S&P 500 Reaches a New High—But What Would Lew Say?

In the mid-1990s, as I was cutting my teeth as a buy-side equity analyst, I was dispatched to New York to attend an investment conference titled "The Internet Revolution." The event, held at the New York Hilton Midtown, was the city’s largest hotel with nearly 2,000 rooms and over 150,000 square feet of meeting space.

Key Questions: How Will the Election Affect the Economy?

Higher taxes are not assured, and interest rates are likely to remain low. But changes elsewhere create both risks and opportunities.

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