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How to Tell if Your Diversification Strategy is Costing You Money

Most people think that they can always make a portfolio safer by investing a larger share of their money in “safe” assets. They would be wrong. Portfolios reach a point where investing more money in the safest asset actually increases the risk of portfolio volatility. There are also times when adding more safe assets does little or nothing to reduce portfolio risk but still reduces what the portfolio can earn. Diversification is more complicated than we often think.


Effective Investment Diversification Is Not As Simple As Most Think

We have long been told that diversification eliminates unnecessary risk from our portfolios, but how many investors know how diversification works or how to do it effectively? Is it simply enough to distribute assets across a range of investments, or is the process more complicated than that? Diversification, when it is done well, does have some complexities, so a better understanding of the tradeoffs and pitfalls can be helpful in diversifying more effectively.


Now Is Not The Time To Get Scared About Stock Exposure

All investors would love to make money without having to take risks, but unfortunately you will not make much money unless you do. Deciding how much to put at risk in equities, therefore, has a critical impact on how your wealth grows over time.


Why A Better Job Market Won't Jumpstart U.S. Growth In 2015

Some days, the statistical reports seem to show a U.S. economy that is finally getting on track for faster growth. Other days, we seem stuck in the anemic “new normal” that has plagued the economy the last few years. Although we rarely get an unambiguous picture from economic statistics, recent reports have proven especially confusing. With the Federal Reserve now poised to begin tightening monetary policy, there is also a lot riding on what those reports reveal. While a closer look at reports does not eliminate all of the confusion, it does provide some additional context and insight on the economy’s current strengths and weaknesses. As we shall see, there has been solid progress in some areas but the growth restraints of the last few years have clearly not been fully resolved.


The Facts Behind Oil's Price Collapse

The dramatic drop we have seen in oil prices over the last few months has many economic forecasters worried about growth. Conceivably, this could mean that the global economy’s health has started to fail. While that would account for the drop in oil prices, most leading indicators do not confirm that economic diagnosis. Bruce McCain, Chief Investment Strategist, discusses the facts behind oil’s price collapse.


Picking The Winners And Losers From Oil's Slide

How can you determine the winners and the losers from the drop in oil prices? While some global economies will clearly benefit from lower oil prices, the net effect in the United States will likely be less positive. Bruce McCain, Chief Investment Strategist, shares his insights on the overall impact to the U.S. and other global economies from reduced oil prices.


Tax Loss Selling: Don't Lose Money Trying To Save On Taxes

Running with the crowd may work well for a while, but doing so at the wrong time can be extremely costly. Bruce McCain, Chief Investment Strategist, discusses tax-loss selling strategies, including the right time to implement them to maximize after-tax investment gains.


Living Well in Retirement: Beef Up On Stocks

Is your portfolio allocated properly to ensure a secure retirement? Bruce McCain, Chief Investment Strategist, shares the keys to successful retirement investing on Forbes.com.


Rebuilding the American Dream: What’s Really Holding Back U.S. Housing

Five years after a pillar of the American Dream crumbled, what is the state of U.S. housing and real estate markets? Bruce McCain, Key Private Bank’s Chief Investment Strategist and regular Forbes.com contributor, shares his outlook for the U.S. housing market.


Why Waiting for the Big Correction Isn't the Best Strategy

Sitting on the sideline waiting for the "big" correction, rather than investing, isn't an optimal formula for success. Bruce McCain, Key Private Bank’s Chief Investment Strategist and regular Forbes.com contributor, shares some strategies for investing in the current market.


For Investors, Like LeBron Fans In Cleveland, Patience Is Key

With LeBron James’ return to Cleveland, hopes of an NBA championship in Cleveland have skyrocketed. But it often takes more time than people expect to assemble the right mix of talent to deliver a championship team. Bruce McCain, Key Private Bank’s Chief Investment Strategist and regular Forbes.com contributor, talks about how this is also true for investing and the U.S. economy.


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