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Deciding on a wealth building strategy involves assessing your attitude toward risk. With great risk comes the possibility of great reward – or great loss. So are you better off making small, consistent steps toward growing your wealth? Or should you take a risk and hope for a big return? Many people want a combination of these qualities, but for each person, managing risk will be unique.

Finding the right investment strategy to build up your wealth, and help it grow, involves understanding how you feel about risks, based on what you might get in return.

Questions to help you find out which wealth building strategy is right for you:

  • Am I more interested in big returns, even if I might lose some of my investment?
  • Would you rather have a consistent, stable, anticipated amount of return?
  • Is it possible for my investments to just follow the markets?

A Disciplined Approach to Investing

These three strategies can help you build up your investments and weather financial market highs and lows.

Stay focused.

Find ways to filter out the noise and remain focused on your primary objectives. Diversifying your investments with sound judgment maximizes your probability of success.

Be proactive, yet nimble enough to pivot.

Everyone has aspirations for their life. Navigating and pivoting when your priorities change can impact both today’s lifestyle wants and your long-term needs.

During extremes, go with experience.

Momentum can drive “popular” investment positions to extreme valuations beyond what is warranted by their fundamentals. Leverage trusted resources and partners who are committed to your long-term plan.

Your Plan

Investment Management

Diversify your portfolio to maximize your returns and minimize losses.

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Economic & Market Research

Why Investors Make Bad Calls and How to Avoid it

Behavioral science shows us why we often make the wrong choices at the wrong times. While there’s no guarantee you won’t slip up, there are steps we can take to become better investors and focus decision-making on objective factors.

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Investment Strategy

Our Investment Philosophy: Its Purpose and Design

An investment philosophy is a set of beliefs that guides and explains Key Private Bank’s approach to investing on behalf of our clients.

February 2018 Our Investment Philosophy: Its Purpose and Design

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