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Stay healthy and grow your investment. Add the potential to grow your health savings account (HSA) when you invest in a Key Investment Services® Health Savings Account (KIS HSA) investment account.

How a KIS HSA Investment Account Can Help You

When you open a KeyBank HSA to save pre-tax dollars for health expenses, you can also open a KIS HSA investment account, and invest a portion of your HSA funds into investments you choose.

  • With a minimum balance of $3,500 in your HSA, you can invest $1,000 in a KIS HSA investment account, leaving $2,500 in your HSA to pay for qualified health expenses
  • The balance in your HSA remains available for checking and debit card activity to pay for qualified health expenses

Get Answers to Your Questions About KIS HSA Investment Accounts

How do I open a KIS HSA Investment Account?

When you are ready to open your KIS HSA Investment Account, you will be referred to a licensed KIS financial professional. You can also call 888-KIS2YOU to speak to an investment representative and apply to open your KIS HSA Investment Account. The investment representative can answer any questions you may have about your KIS HSA investment options and help you complete an application.

What fees are associated with adding an investment component to my KeyBank HSA through a KIS HSA Investment Account?

There is no fee to establish a KIS HSA Investment Account, and standard KIS brokerage fees apply to transactions.

Can I have just an investment account for my HSA?

No. You are required to maintain the KeyBank HSA with a balance of at least $3,500 in order to be eligible to open a KIS HSA investment account. Maintenance of the HSA checking account is necessary for funds access and government reporting.

Your KIS HSA Investment Account allows you to invest in mutual funds of your choice available through KIS.

How will I conduct transactions in my KIS HSA investment account?

After your HSA account is established, you can work with your KIS financial professional or phone HSA investment client services at 888-KIS2YOU to make investment transactions.

How will I know how much money is available in my KeyBank HSA to be invested in a KIS HSA Investment Account?

After your KIS HSA investment account is opened and your initial transaction is completed, any amount exceeding $2,500 in your HSA checking account is available for additional investing. Please contact your KIS financial professional when you are ready to invest.

How will I pay for my KIS HSA investment purchases?

Funds will be moved from your KeyBank HSA to your KIS HSA investment account to cover your investment purchases.

Will the money invested in my KIS HSA investment account be available for checking and debit card activity?

No. The only balance available for checking and debit card activity is in your KeyBank HSA.

What if I need more funds than I have available in my KeyBank HSA to cover a medical expense?

If you need more than the balance in your KeyBank HSA to cover an expense, and you have funds invested in your KIS HSA investment account, you will want to consider the following:

  • What is the current market value of the individual investments in my KIS HSA investment account?
  • Which investment should I sell? Will I experience any principal loss if I liquidate at this time? If so, am I comfortable with accepting that loss?
  • If I sell the investment today, when will the funds be in my HSA?

Your KIS financial professional will assist you with this transaction.

What if I need money before the proceeds from the sale of investments in my KIS HSA investment account have been moved to my KeyBank HSA?

You can pay for the medical expense by using any non-HSA funds available to you (i.e., personal checking account, credit card, line of credit, etc.) and reimburse yourself later, when the funds are available in your HSA.

What investments can I buy in my HSA investment account?

You are able to purchase any mutual fund of your choice from any of these fund families. KIS and its representatives do not make recommendations or provide advice with regard to investment selections in HSA investment accounts.

HSA checking account is provided by KeyBank National Association (KeyBank), Member FDIC.

Investment products offered through Key Investment Services LLC (KIS), member FINRA/SIPC and SEC-registered investment advisor. KIS is affiliated with KeyBank National Association (KeyBank).

Investment products made available through KIS are:


KIS and KeyBank are separate entities, and when you buy or sell insurance products you are doing business with KIS, and not KeyBank.

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