Rollover IRAs

When you leave a job or retire, you are allowed to "roll over" funds from an employer-sponsored plan, such as a 401(k) or pension plan, into a Rollover IRA. There are many advantages to taking your funds with you and moving them into a Rollover IRA.

Rollover IRA Details

  • Retirement savings continue growing tax-deferred
  • Greater flexibility in choosing your investments
  • The ability to move or transfer your individual retirement account from one IRA provider to another
  • The ability to consolidate multiple employer plans into one resource
  • The ability to withdraw money from your IRA more easily than from an employer plan (income taxes and potential penalties still apply)
  • Learn more about rolling your qualifying plan to an IRA

KeyBank IRAs (FDIC Insured)

FDIC Insured IRAs give you the peace-of-mind of an insured account that continues to grow the longer you keep it.


  • Choose from 6 month to 120 month terms with competitive CD rates
  • Money Market Accounts

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Brokerage IRAs (Non-FDIC Insured)

Brokerage IRAs give you the ability to choose the investments within your IRA account


  • Potential for higher returns that may be able to outpace inflation

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