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KIS HSA Investment Account

Select from a variety of investment options for your funds when you add a Key Investment Services (KIS) HSA Investment Account to your traditional KeyBank HSA.

Select Investment Products and Watch Your HSA Grow

  • Open a KIS HSA Investment Account and invest your HSA funds in a variety of non-deposit investment products
  • With a minimum balance of $3,500 in your HSA, you can invest $1,000 in a KIS HSA Investment Account, leaving $2,500 in your HSA Checking Account to pay for qualified expenses
  • The balance in your HSA Checking Account is the same balance available for checking and debit card activity
  • Call 888-KIS2YOU (547-2968) to set up an appointment with your local KIS representative today
  • If you have questions, please browse our FAQ section for more information