Konstantin Karavaev

Finance Analyst

<p></p><p>Konstantin Karavaev</p>


What brought you to Key? How did Key align with your career interests?

I chose to intern at Key because it's an excellent company with a celebrated history. Key values its employees and motivates them towards personal and professional growth.

I was interested that Key offers a Financial Analyst Rotational program for recent college grads to get additional hands-on working experience in various finance departments from Business Finance, Investor Relations, Corporate Treasury to Tax.

The recruiters at Key that I spoke with were transparent about potential career paths and what to expect from the internship. We had honest conversations about my aspirations and the value I could bring to Key and vice versa. The transparency and authenticity weren't something I was finding from other large organizations.

How was the onboarding process? What about the Enterprise Intern Program events?

Even though it was entirely remote, the onboarding process was relatively easy. I received a laptop, monitor, and instructions in the box, so I felt prepared on my first day. I didn't experience any problems.

The Enterprise Intern Program events are informative and helpful. They allow you to learn more about KeyBank in general and get more specific details about Key's lines of business, departments, and teams. For example, the event with James from Risk Management was very informative.

What is your impression of Key's corporate culture?

KeyBank values teamwork, leadership, and diversity. It feels like they're interested in giving their employees opportunities to grow and creating a comfortable workplace environment. I think that leads us to be more efficient, engaged teammates.

What types of projects did you work on as an intern?

I prepared earnings reports for the current quarter, which included analyzing Key's performance and looking at the publicly available financial data of our competitors. Also, I learned about specific banking and financial ratios that I had never heard of before.

What did you get out of your internship at Key?

I have a greater understanding of the banking industry. Additionally, I sharpen my ability to properly find, prepare, analyze, and interpret financial data and better networking and presenting skills seem within reach. Upon completing my internship, I accepted an offer in the Financial Analyst Rotational program. 

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.