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An environment that supports employees.

Key employees dive into rewarding work, build relationships with friendly and encouraging colleagues, are supporting their communities, and building a future that fulfills their dreams.

Our Key Culture

When you join Key, you become an important part of our team. As a team, we work to support and encourage each other. We've built our workplace to be welcoming and positive for all. Here’s how:

  • Client Focus 
    Our clients and their financial wellness are the focus of our work. Our decisions are centered around delivering ease, value and expertise to our clients and doing what is best for the communities we serve. We all work together to create a positive impact on individuals and businesses where we work and live.
  • Community Support
    Key is committed to its communities and to the many efforts our employees make to give back. Our annual Neighbors Make a Difference Day supports employees who volunteer their time, and the Key Foundation offers generous grants and sponsorships that improve our communities.
  • Access to Leadership
    Key employees are making an impact at all levels of the organization. We are frequently exposed to and influenced by senior leaders and are encouraged to make decisions as well as grow, expand and pursue roles within the organization where we can thrive professionally.
  • Supportive/Collaborative Environment
    We have a diverse, inclusive and highly engaged workplace. We are encouraged to be ourselves at work, and we are supported and respected by our peers and our leaders.
  • Performance Driven
    We do impactful work and are consistently rewarded for doing the right thing for our clients and for our teams. Pay, incentives and performance are closely linked at Key. When Key achieves success, its top performers have an opportunity to share in the rewards.

Committed to Creating Flexible Work Environments

  • In Our Work Arrangements
    Depending on your position and business needs, you and your manager may arrange a work schedule that assists you to effectively balance your work and personal life – from compressed workweeks to mobile working (telecommuting).
  • In Our Workplaces
    We’ve developed creative workspaces in many of our facilities to support employees’ diverse workplace needs. We have also developed robust remote-access capabilities so our employees can get their work done where and when they need to.


Career Development

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.