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Digital & Tech Innovators

Do you excel at guiding others toward better solutions using technology?

Your skills and experience can provide a fresh approach and help steer Key into the future. You needn't have banking experience as Key is equal parts financial institution and technology innovator. Here, we create solutions together to solve the vital needs of our clients first.

Digital & Tech Innovators Positions

As a Digital & Tech Innovator, you’re looking for opportunities to use your skills to help solve problems using inventive, digital solutions and agile thinking. Plus, you understand how staying at the forefront of industry-leading technology benefits organization leaders and those they serve.

  • Information Security
  • User-centered Design & Development
  • DevOps
  • Agile Product Development
  • Digital Marketing, and more
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Featured Opportunities

If you’re looking to use your technical or design expertise to improve others’ digital experience, create the bank of the future and help our clients live their best lives, consider becoming one of our Digital & Tech Innovators. Currently, we’re actively looking for applicants for the following featured roles:

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My previous employer didn’t embrace creativity and imagination. Key has given me the opportunity to re-envision how technology can be leveraged to drive change. Our digital transformation relies on innovative ideas which are the core of our continuous evolution. Now I feel like I can make a difference by leveraging the latest technology to make my ideas a reality.

Andrew Baugh, Applications Systems Senior Consultant

We are a large bank, but we're not so large that there's complexity that we can't manage.

We're large enough to have the scale, technological scale, marketing scale, brand scale, but not so big that we can't make decisions and execute.

Key really is a technology company that's doing banking.

If you think about, in any given second, millions of transactions are happening right now at Key.

We have millions and millions of customers who are relying on our technology to buy a cup of coffee or to finance a car, and all of that is technologically and digitally enabled.

It creates a really interesting sandbox if you're an engineer, to build on progressive systems, and platforms, if you're a designer to design client experiences that delight.

It's just a really nice canvas that comes with scale, that comes with millions and millions of clients, whether it be a consumer client, an individual doing their banking, or the largest corporations who count on Key to do their banking at the corporate level.

They rely on that technology, so I think when people do come here and bring their progressive competencies around engineering, around design, around data and analytics, what they find is big challenges, hard problems to solve, and when they do solve those problems, the ability to see their solutions at scale, which is pretty neat.

Projects and programs and opportunities we have definitely outnumbers the talented people we can put against it, so we have the problems, we have the challenges.

We need great people to come help us solve those.

Digital@Key Career Opportunities

We offer opportunities to use your skills to help solve problems using inventive digital solutions and agile thinking.

So people who are looking at their career and wondering,should they go to a bank, should they go to another institution?

What I can tell you is banking is a very interesting space and it's because we really have the resources and the realization that we need to change.

And so, there's just a huge opportunity to drive change in banks these days and particularly at KeyBank.

When you think about a bank and you think about a career in a banking world, do you think about an institution that's been there for 150, 200 years, it's a brick and mortar building.

But when you really look at banks, banks have a fantastic opportunity because they have so much data on their clients and the ability to drive that insights out of that data and do things that are unique and different is something that a lot of other industries don't have.

One of the things I like about working in the digital product world is you have that unique opportunity to interact with the creative designers and develop the best user experience and think about things from a design perspective, but you also have the ability to look at the data and the analytics and ask that question, why are we doing this?

What trends are we noticing from the data?

So I have found one of the things that fascinates me and excites me most about my job is being able to use that data analytics plus the creativity, to be able to develop the best product.

If you are able to listen to your stakeholders, you're able to take them into consideration, and work with them, and have that passion to get something done, then this could be a great place for you to make some real changes.

Digital Product Manager Spotlight

Our Digital Product Management teammates are flexible, multi-disciplinary product managers who desire to develop, manage, and work to enhance Key's entire digital product lifecycle.

So we are in the middle of or going through a digital transformation at Key.

We're creating new platforms that our clients interact with Key every day, 91% of our interactions at Key are digital.

So we're making platforms, whether it be for our customer clients, our middle market companies, or our largest enterprises, we want to be able to provide them digital capabilities that they can interact with Key.

So we have teams who are really focused on making that an amazing experience and making digital the brand for Key, for those clients.

Because many of them choose to interact with us that way.

The second thing we're working on, is we've recently acquired a FinTech called Laurel Road.

Laurel Road provides a national digital first, student loan refinance program, namely for doctors and dentists, they have partnerships with some of the largest associations, dental associations, medical associations, and we're looking at how can we expand, the services and capabilities, nationally, in digital first for these doctors and dentists.

So, a transformation of Key, digitally, and how do we turn Laurel Road into a national digital bank that's serving the healthcare profession broadly?

So, as we think about our digital transformation, we need people at Key who bring those progressive competencies, things like engineering, things like an analytical mindset, things like design, both UX and UI, those are the competencies that will help us move forward.

Digital@Key: What We're Working On

Be a part Key’s digital transformation.

So financial wellness is a way of having a conversation with a client, really understanding what their needs are and then being able to give them good advice, not only about products that they might need, but also just advice that might help them in their personal lives, advice that might help them if they own a small business, advice that might help them as a small business owner.

And to me, that's really taking banking to the next level.

So my team works in the, what we call omni-channel originations.

And what we're doing is we're creating a new way of opening accounts at KeyBank.

What used to take 40 minutes and was an across the desk experience in a branch where a banker was on one side and you were on the other side and the client, maybe that felt very judged.

They didn't know what the banker was looking at.

The banker was asking them all these questions about, you know, let me see your driver's license.

You really got this feeling that the bank didn't trust you.

We're changing that experience altogether.

And what we've turned it into is a five minute transparent experience where the banker turns the screen so the client and the banker are looking at the same thing the whole time.

They understand why we're asking every question.

And it only takes five minutes to open an account like it should.

Banks are trying to figure out how are we going to become more relevant.

What we're realizing is we really just have to tap into that human experience and how money allows people to get stuff done.

So that's what I really get passionate about.

How Digital@Key supports Financial Wellness

We tap into the human experience by creating digital tools that enable our bankers to have engaging, interactive conversations with clients.

We have had terrific success of not only drawing but retaining very talented engineers that are coming from some of the most progressive companies in the world and they're coming and bringing their careers to Key, and I get the opportunity to work with a lot of them.

And when you ask them, why did you choose Key? Why are you staying at Key?

I think there's just a theme of there are very big problems to work on.

I get the opportunity to build solutions and ship code and ship product, and I can see pretty quickly the impact of the software I'm building that it has on clients and colleagues.

So I think just the opportunity to come and be part of a company that has scale, but also understands the importance of engineering to a digital transformation.

It just becomes a neat sandbox, and progressive engineers are finding it a neat place to bring their talents.

Why Key – Engineers

You don’t need to have banking experience to join Key. We are equal parts financial institution and technology innovator. Together, we create solutions to solve the vital needs of our clients.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.