KeyCorp Evidence of Insurance

KeyCorp (including all subsidiaries, hereafter referred to as "Key") maintains an insurance program that applies to its operations and the operations of its various subsidiaries. By selecting links on this page, you may view evidence of certain parts of the insurance program. You may print copies of these documents using Adobe® Acrobat® Reader.

Certificates of insurance, even those that are customized with specific certificate holder names and addresses and other comments, do not amend, extend or alter coverage or confer any rights that are not afforded by the policies themselves. Although the certificates Key makes available here do not show the names of individual certificate holders, additional insureds, or loss payees, the policies these documents represent have been structured to address various obligations to which Key has committed under written contracts. It is the existence of the contractual agreement that triggers the protection for an outside interest under Key's property and casualty insurance. This is confirmed by the language appearing in the endorsements that are included with the certificates posted here. Customized certificates will not strengthen the coverage beyond what has already been arranged, and are therefore unnecessary. The documents accessible here should be accepted as evidence of satisfactory compliance with property and casualty insurance requirements.

The electronic presentation of certificates streamlines the process of gaining access to KeyCorp's insurance information. Viewers of this site are not tracked, so those who view or print these certificates will not receive notice if the program is changed, cancelled or replaced. The documents will be modified periodically as may be appropriate. We invite you to revisit at your discretion to check the status of the program.

Contact Information

If you have questions about the insurance program or the content of the certificate documents, please contact the Corporate Insurance Department of KeyCorp in writing at:

Corporate Insurance & Risk Management
127 Public Square
Cleveland, OH 44114