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What our teammates say about working at Key

At Key, we’re more than a bank. We’re a proud community committed to supporting each other’s individual career goals. The journey is all yours, and we provide the tools, support and resources to help our teammates on the way.

How our Teammates Grow Their Careers

What makes working at Key funfor me is really the people.

The team.

The people.

We build development plans for ourselves with the help of our peers.

Our leaders help us with it, and we create the paths we want to go.

You see yourself and you can see yourself being a leader.

You can see yourself doing anything across the company because you see people like you and you have those affinity groups that you can connect into when you need to.

When I started, I was very heavy technology, developing data science, and we've been able to evolve my role and try different things in different projects and different teams and meet new people to place me where I am today.

I've been really surprised in how much upper management and even just my direct management has taken an interest in my career and what I want to do and what I'm passionate about and helped me move forward in that.

Our leadership says, go do it. Get out there, take that time

off, go be present. And they’re out there. And they’re with us.


Yeah, exactly.

I thought it was suit tie.

It's the cool thing to do.

With your briefcase too.

Oh, absolutely.

It's just been fantastic to work for a company that aligns with your values, helps you become a better person and a better community person.

I still have clients reaching out saying, come by the restaurant, you won't believe what we just did.

To know that you were able to help them get there in the best way possible and to make sure that they're still set up for continued success in the future.

I want to be someone that other women, women in STEM look up to. And I think that's something that KeyBank has supported me along my journey to becoming the leader that I've always wanted to be.

I want to leave a legacy to where I've left a mark on other people.

Career Roundtable

In this video, KeyBank teammates chat about career development, the evolution of their roles, and the impact of working for a company that aligns with their values. “It's just been fantastic to work for a company that aligns with your values, helps you become a better person and a better community person.”

Career Spotlights

I'm Alicia and I'm in technology.

I'm really interested in science.

I've always been interested in science, but I think having the opportunity to actually experience it is what made me go into my career.

I thought of banks as brick and mortar. What do you need to do digitally with a bank?

Um, but after joining, I saw there was a lot of opportunity to bring different digital experiences to our clients to get more digital capabilities in banking.

And I think it's important that we give that experience back to people of color and women, um, who are underrepresented in STEM.

And I think it's because they don't understand there's a place for them.

I had that opportunity early in my career to grow and get, um, advanced very quickly, and I just hope to be able to get that back.

I hope to be able to help develop people, help to bring them forward.

I am, um, a manager that believes in you can surpass me. Um, and I just want to be able to inspire people, help people grow and develop them so that they can be the best version of their selves.

Digital capabilities and personal growth

“I just want to be able to inspire people, help people grow and develop them so that they can be the best version of their selves.”
—Alicia, Senior Business Technology Exec

My name is Hope and I'm a business banker in the Washington region.

Starting my career in banking, I started as a rotational, uh, management associate.

Not having a degree in finance was something that was intimidating, but through the various mentors and leaders of the bank, it gave me a chance to say that I can do it.

Whatever it is that comes up, um, I know that I'll be supported.

As I transitioned, uh, later into business banking, um, there was a skill set that I just was passionate about that I wanted to learn more about.

When I think about my career growth at KeyBank, I really, really, really think about the importance of connections and relationships.

It's about people.

And so the people part of this business is so incredible.

And when I think about that, um, and I think about myself as a young caddy on the golf course, not sure where my career would take me.

Um, It was incredibly inspiring to see the growth and development of leadership around me and aspire to do more and be more.

It's about showing up, um, and making a difference and pushing ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves every single day.

Mentorships and opportunities

“KeyBank does an incredible job of making sure that people have those resources and tools to make sure they feel supported.”
—Hope, Business Banking Relationship Manager

Kristyn Squires

Sales Leader, Business Banking - "Key has always been incredibly supportive of my well-being throughout my life changes and has been truly invested in my development."

Michelle Perez

Key Private Bank Senior Market Leader - "Career development has been the best part of my experience at Key."

Gwen Davis

Information Security Director - "If you don't feel engaged at Key, you aren't pursuing what's available."

Justin Hunsaker

Senior Digital Director - "Key employees work together to solve problems, they know when to ask for help and they take pride in their work."

Tyree Little

Lead Teller - "My coworkers and I are like a family and together we are helping members of our community navigate their banking and financial needs."

Zachary "Lace" Williamson

Solution Engineer - "I’ve always felt supported and empowered by my teammates and my leaders here at Key."

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