Lynnette Crenshaw

Senior Relationship Manager – Wealth Management

<p></p><p>Lynnette Crenshaw</p>


What made you join KeyBank? What makes you stay?

I joined KeyBank in 2010, when I followed a leadership team from a previous employer. I always respected the organization’s commitment to the community. It was a seamless transition. The model at Key allowed me to personally excel and to grow my business. I stay because I have been given opportunities to grow, and I have been rewarded for my strong performance.

How does your team operate?

Our team operates like a hub and spoke. At the center is the client and me; it is my job to get to know the client and their family through a discovery process and then engage the proper teammates (spokes) who will align with their personality and have the skill sets to assist the client with their goals and objectives.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I enjoy working with clients and helping them to achieve their hopes and dreams. We have great people at KeyBank, and I especially enjoy our culture of teamwork. I appreciate that you have the support to chart your own path at Key. There are a plethora of resources and educational opportunities with other lines of business and COIs that can further enhance your relationship with your clients.

I respect Key’s involvement in the communities we serve. Our generous philanthropic efforts support organizations and programs that prepare individuals for thriving futures. Our funding priorities' focus on neighbors, education and workforce resonates with my private bank clients and with me.

What has your Key career path looked like?

I have been in the same role for ten years (come May 2020). However, each day is different since I am an externally focused partner. I meet with clients, prepare for meetings, follow up, network with centers of influence, work with partners across the bank, and identify prospective clients.

I’m intentional about my choices that enhance my professional and personal growth. It was an honor to be named as Key’s 2018 Neighbor of the Year, which recognizes an employee volunteer for outstanding service contributions and exceptional commitment to their communities.

My service to my community has been focused on efforts that improve the lives of women and girls, which directly aligns with my business goals of Women and Wealth and the company's focus on Key4Women and diversity and inclusion.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.