Nicole Bier

Experience Leader

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How has your career grown at Key?

I was a Branch Manager with Key for four years. I loved working with the local community in that role but was interested in expanding my skill set and sphere of influence. For years I had been working to build a reputation as a great leader and collaborator. From there, I became a Home Lending Leader in our mortgage line of business. Although I excelled and enjoyed that move, my passion for Retail banking never stopped calling. After just over two years in that role, I’m now a Retail Experience Leader. I’ve always been inspired and encouraged to reach for any position within any line of business, as Key maintains an organic path for career growth, no matter where your passion lies.

How else has Key contributed to your career development?

My advice to people who want to grow their careers is to get on people’s calendars. A desire among leaders to mentor and be accessible to team members is a hallmark of Key’s culture. My experience with reaching out to some of our top leaders was very positive, and it has helped me along my career journey. When I sat down with them, I consistently was met with a “what can I do to help you?” attitude, rather than “why did you call me?” That positive reception has inspired and encouraged me. Sometimes it’s nice to talk things through with seasoned leaders who aren’t your boss.

How have you been set up for success in your role?

My onboarding experience for my new role demonstrates Key's investment in their employees. For the first few weeks, I shadowed peers in a similar position across the organization. The experience was inclusive and helped me understand all different views and perspectives. In addition, I was exposed to best practices and developed a greater understanding of how I wanted to approach this role.

What excites you about your new role as an Experience Leader within Consumer Banking?

I'm excited and proud of the opportunity to shape client experiences. In the role, I can help our branch colleagues customize and improve client interactions by guiding them to identify opportunities and the team milestones that we should celebrate along the way.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.