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Information Security

People are one of the most critical layers of defense in any organization’s information security strategy.

If you have a keen ability to analyze, assess and help mitigate complex security issues – join us in continuing to win the fight against cyber attacks and identity theft. We take the security of our clients’ data and information very seriously. We use sophisticated tools, technology and training to keep the information they entrust with us safe, protected and secure. Our Information Security team members identify, analyze and escalate security risks to ensure mitigation and risk-based business decision making.

Members of this team have solid cyber-related skills across a wide range of security disciplines and solutions. They are utilizing industry-leading scanning tools to build an enhanced security profile for the company. The ability to learn quickly and adapt to a rapidly changing cybersecurity environment is critical to the success of this team and is business critical for Key.

Relevant Backgrounds

  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Business and Security Intelligence
  • Data Integration and Strategy
  • Financial and Risk Analysis
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Incident Response
  • Networking
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Software Development
  • System Engineering

Core Competencies

  • Experience in information security, incident response and/or information technology
  • Ability to analyze and assess complex security issues and facilitate the development and implementation of effective compensating controls
  • Functional knowledge of both technical and business aspects of security
  • Ability to use logic and reasoning to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Critical thinking for medium to complex situations
  • A forensic approach to challenges
  • Investigate and analyze how and why compromises occur
  • Knowledge of security policies, procedures and regulations

We are a large bank, but we're not so large that there's complexity that we can't manage.

We're large enough to have the scale, technological scale, marketing scale, brand scale, but not so big that we can't make decisions and execute.

Key really is a technology company that's doing banking.

If you think about, in any given second, millions of transactions are happening right now at Key.

We have millions and millions of customers who are relying on our technology to buy a cup of coffee or to finance a car, and all of that is technologically and digitally enabled.

It creates a really interesting sandbox if you're an engineer, to build on progressive systems, and platforms, if you're a designer to design client experiences that delight.

It's just a really nice canvas that comes with scale, that comes with millions and millions of clients, whether it be a consumer client, an individual doing their banking, or the largest corporations who count on Key to do their banking at the corporate level.

They rely on that technology, so I think when people do come here and bring their progressive competencies around engineering, around design, around data and analytics, what they find is big challenges, hard problems to solve, and when they do solve those problems, the ability to see their solutions at scale, which is pretty neat.

Projects and programs and opportunities we have definitely outnumbers the talented people we can put against it, so we have the problems, we have the challenges.

We need great people to come help us solve those.

Digital@Key Career Opportunities

We offer opportunities to use your skills to help solve problems using inventive, digital solutions, and agile thinking.

So we are in the middle of or going through a digital transformation at Key.

We're creating new platforms that our clients interact with Key every day, 91% of our interactions at Key are digital.

So we're making platforms, whether it be for our customer clients, our middle market companies, or our largest enterprises, we want to be able to provide them digital capabilities that they can interact with Key.

So we have teams who are really focused on making that an amazing experience and making digital the brand for Key, for those clients.

Because many of them choose to interact with us that way.

The second thing we're working on, is we've recently acquired a FinTech called Laurel Road.

Laurel Road provides a national digital first, student loan refinance program, namely for doctors and dentists, they have partnerships with some of the largest associations, dental associations, medical associations, and we're looking at how can we expand, the services and capabilities, nationally, in digital first for these doctors and dentists.

So, a transformation of Key, digitally, and how do we turn Laurel Road into a national digital bank that's serving the healthcare profession broadly?

So, as we think about our digital transformation, we need people at Key who bring those progressive competencies, things like engineering, things like an analytical mindset, things like design, both UX and UI, those are the competencies that will help us move forward.

Digital@Key: What We're Working On

Be a part Key’s digital transformation.

We have had terrific success of not only drawing but retaining very talented engineers that are coming from some of the most progressive companies in the world and they're coming and bringing their careers to Key, and I get the opportunity to work with a lot of them.

And when you ask them, why did you choose Key? Why are you staying at Key?

I think there's just a theme of there are very big problems to work on.

I get the opportunity to build solutions and ship code and ship product, and I can see pretty quickly the impact of the software I'm building that it has on clients and colleagues.

So I think just the opportunity to come and be part of a company that has scale, but also understands the importance of engineering to a digital transformation.

It just becomes a neat sandbox, and progressive engineers are finding it a neat place to bring their talents.

Why Key – Engineers

You don’t have banking experience to join Key; we are equal parts—financial institution and technology innovator—creating solutions to solve our clients' vital needs.

Explore the Information Security opportunities available now.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.