Software Engineering

Be a key player in a major technology transformation.

Becoming a digital bank is core to Key’s business strategy, and we are well on our way. We are investing in software/data and embracing speed, simplicity, and value to create more personalized and connected experiences for clients and employees.

Through an agile approach to our work, we are delivering improvements more frequently and creating feedback loops that allow for faster iteration and a more delightful client experience. Our engineers make an impact on our organization through their passion for technology and keen focus on objectives and results. A wide range of specialty skills make up our Software Engineering teams. These teams are pursuing projects using conversational AI, cloud computing, native mobile applications, and robotic processing automation powered by innovative solutions.

The financial industry is due for a revolution. If you are interested in working on a highly collaborative team and being an agent for exciting change—join us!.

Relevant Backgrounds

At Key we value diversity in many forms, including diversity of thought. We are open to a wide range of technical backgrounds for these roles. Financial Services experience is not required.

Core Competencies

  • Our software engineer roles vary widely – review our job descriptions using the link below to find an opportunity that best fits your unique skill set.
  • Leveraging the latest coding languages, tools, and frameworks (e.g., Java, Angular, ReactJS, Spring Boot, .Net, API Gateway for microservices, low code, etc.).
  • Embracing DevOps practices and delivering cloud-native capabilities (eventually using the Google Cloud Platform).
  • Developing, implementing, and supporting applications or platforms.
  • Assessing the technical viability of new and emerging products and technologies.
  • Comfort using agile practices and methodologies. Experience with Jira is a plus.
  • Experience applying information security standards.

Why Key – Engineers

You don’t need to have banking experience to join Key. We are equal parts financial institution and technology innovator. Together, we create solutions to solve the vital needs of our clients.


We have had terrific success of not only drawing but retaining very talented engineers that are coming from some of the most progressive companies in the world and they're coming and bringing their careers to Key, and I get the opportunity to work with a lot of them.

And when you ask them, why did you choose Key? Why are you staying at Key?

I think there's just a theme of there are very big problems to work on.

I get the opportunity to build solutions and ship code and ship product, and I can see pretty quickly the impact of the software I'm building that it has on clients and colleagues.

So I think just the opportunity to come and be part of a company that has scale, but also understands the importance of engineering to a digital transformation.

It just becomes a neat sandbox, and progressive engineers are finding it a neat place to bring their talents.


See the Software Engineering opportunities available now.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.