We believe we are defined by our employees. Because of this, we rely on our employees to personify our core values and provide living examples of our mission. We are proud to support a workforce that epitomizes integrity and leadership.

Our Employee Promise

We have a strong sense of community

Key employees care about their colleagues, our clients and the communities we serve. When the people around us thrive, we thrive.

We have the opportunity for personal and professional growth

Key employees have access to diverse career experiences and the tools and resources needed to actively manage and grow their careers.

We do work that matters

Key employees combine strategic thinking with focused execution to help clients achieve their financial goals.

We are accountable, and our results are rewarded

Key employees recognize each other for their contributions and are rewarded for strong performance.

Our Values

Our core values guide and inspire our company and employees every day as we work together for success:


We work together to achieve shared objectives.


We value the unique talents, skills and experiences that diversity provides.


We deliver on what we promise.


We are open and honest in everything we do.


We anticipate the need to act and inspire others to follow.

Our Mission

Key's mission is to empower its clients, communities and employees to thrive. The path to financial wellness starts here. No matter who you are, where you are on your financial journey, or what barriers are ahead of you, KeyBank will help you move forward.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.