KeyBank Foundation

Beyond traditional banking products and services, Key supports communities through the important work of KeyBank Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization founded in 1969 and funded by KeyCorp. The Foundation’s mission is to support organizations and programs that prepare individuals for thriving futures and is advanced through the two funding priorities of thriving students and a thriving workforce.

KeyBank Foundation Funding Priorities

  • Grants that support education provide students with opportunities to prepare for fulfilling careers through access to high quality education and support for their academic success. The focus of grant outcomes is on academic success through preparation, access, attainment, retention, and completion (graduation).
    • Preparation: Improvement in GPA and standardized test scores
    • Access: Increase number of individuals provided financial resources
    • Attainment: Improvement in post-secondary enrollment and retention rates
    • Completion: Improvement in graduation rates
  • Grants that support workforce equip adults with the necessary skills, education and capabilities to meet current and future local employment demands. The focus of grant outcomes is on graduation, employment, and financial education.
    • Graduation: Improvement in graduation or certification completion rates
    • Employment: Improvement in employment placement and retention rates
    • Financial Education: Increase number of individuals trained

KeyBank is committed to community service. This commitment is demonstrated through employee volunteerism and philanthropy, as well as corporate contributions. KeyBank supports its communities through charitable sponsorships to arts, civic, education, and health and human service groups.

KeyBank Foundation Core Values

KeyBank Foundation, in addition to upholding all of KeyBank’s important values, has a unique lens of its own, through which all grant-making takes place. All KeyBank Foundation grant-making adheres to, and takes into consideration, how grantees incorporate four important values:

  1. Diversity and Inclusion: A culture where diversity is valued and inclusion is fostered is reflected in everything Key does. KeyBank Foundation grants are made to organizations that practice a culture of inclusion among board, staff, and those they serve.
  2. Transformational Outcomes: KeyBank Foundation is making a difference by changing the fabric of existing situations and the quality of life for individuals and groups. We seek community partnership when conducting grant-making activities. With community partners, we design innovative programs and approaches that solve community needs and then back those programs with philanthropic investment.
  3. Measurable Impact: KeyBank Foundation grant-making is designed to improve the quality of life for individuals in measurable ways. Grantee reporting to the Foundation is rigorous and demonstrates social return on philanthropic investment through measurement of program performance.
  4. Sustainability: Grant-making decisions are structured with the goal to maintain positive change over time with continual improvement. Our team considers the root causes of problems, takes a long-term view of the current situation, and implements plans to incorporate a broader social vision to catalyze change that endures.

If you would like to submit a proposal for a KeyBank Foundation grant or request a sponsorship through KeyBank, please visit our site below to learn how to apply or contact us.

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Grant Recipient Progress Reports

Recipient of grants must submit interim reports on an annual basis and a final report no later than three (3) months after completion of the project and prior to any new funding request. Program grant reports should include copies all publicity related to the project.

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