Entrepreneur Says Strong Professional Partnerships Critical For Success

November 2017

Entrepreneur Says Strong Professional Partnerships Critical For Success

A report by Dell Technologies predicts that 85 percent of jobs that will exist in 2030 have not yet been created – an illustration of just how quickly a job market can change. Few in Northeast Ohio would know this better than Carmella Calta.

In 1974, Calta founded Staffing Solutions Enterprises amidst a major recession that saw skyrocketing unemployment rates. Though staffing has been its core business, over the years Staffing Solutions has launched, developed and sold specialized practices including the first local job board and a training company. Being nimble has helped the company survive. But more than anything, Calta contributes her ongoing success to following this business tip for entrepreneurs: Establish strong accounting and banking partners.

The relationship Staffing Solutions Enterprises has with KeyBank is especially important to Calta’s success.

“We’ve been through a good four or five recessions together,” said Calta of her 30-year relationship with KeyBank. “They have taken the time to really understand our business, but the partnership is a two-way street,” she says. “You need to keep your partners informed about your growth, your projected needs, a range of what you might need in terms of credit. There should be no surprises.”

“Anybody can be a good partner when things are going well,” added Staffing Solutions President SueAnn Naso, who has worked alongside Calta for more than 20 years. “It’s when you hit bumps in the road that are out of your control, like a recession, that’s when your partners are critical.”

It’s not just economic downturns that can pose a challenge; good times bring obstacles, too. At Staffing Solutions, taking on a large contract can mean adding hundreds of employees to their payroll, and an obligation to cut checks within two weeks. With this in mind, Calta offers a second business tip for entrepreneurs: Make sure you work with a bank that can meet your changing needs.

“Having that secure banking partner who knows us and knows our business gives us the confidence to go out and secure new business, knowing that we’ll be able to manage rapid growth,” says Calta.

And Staffing Solutions Enterprises plans not only to continue growing itself, but to help other businesses succeed as well. It is now preparing a national launch of a software solution that will help other small and mid-size staffing firms grow.

Though change and risk are unavoidable for any entrepreneur, Calta and her team at Staffing Solutions Enterprises have proven that companies can grow and thrive in any economic environment by committing to quality and investing in strong partnerships.