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A "cookie" tells us our site was visited and which pages were viewed to provide you with customized pages. Cookies are also used for security purposes when you conduct business online. They are common on Websites and do not harm your computer. Key uses cookies that do NOT transmit any personal information about you. You will not be able to access any secured pages if you set your privacy setting to "Block All Cookies". Follow the steps below to enable the cookies:

For Internet Explorer for Windows

  1. At the top of your browser click Tools, then Internet Options.
  2. Click on the Privacy tab.
  3. Click the Advanced button.
  4. Place a checkmark in Override automatic cookie handling.
  5. Place a checkmark in Always allow session cookies then click OK.
  6. Click the Edit button and verify if is in your "Managed Web sites list". (If you are using Windows XP with SP2, click on the Sites button instead of Edit.) If Key is in the list, highlight it and click remove. Then click OK.
  7. Click OK to close the Internet Options window.

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