Your business’s cybersecurity is a primary concern for KeyBank. Our dedicated team of experts works round the clock to protect, prevent and stop cyberattacks that impact your business and your customers. Bank with confidence knowing we are on guard.

How We Protect Your Information

At KeyBank, we’re committed to ensuring your business accounts are kept safe and secure, whether you’re accessing them through an ATM, online, mobile device or in one of our branches. We do this by:

  • Leveraging industry-leading cybersecurity tools, practices and technology
  • Protecting clients’ identities through multifactor identification practices
  • Tracking the latest threats through our Cyber Defense Center
  • Monitoring client accounts proactively for suspicious activity through our Fraud Prevention Services group

How KeyBank Protects You

Manage all of your treasury processes in one convenient online suite of tools, each featuring customizable, user-friendly interfaces and robust security measures.


How You Can Protect Yourself

Business Information Security and You

Safeguarding your business information begins with you. Creating an atmosphere of vigilance as part of your business culture can be a strong defense. KeyBank has put together a variety of resources to help you protect your business information.

December 2012

Identity Theft: What It Means to You

Identity theft may be on the rise, but there are some simple steps you can take to help safeguard your private information from identity criminals. Here is more information for you to learn how KeyBank protects your personal information, and what you can do to help stay safe and avoid identity theft.

November 2012

Minimize the Risk of Payment Fraud

The good news is, it’s harder to write bad checks than it used to be. But the world of payment fraud was changed considerably by the rise of the Internet, so electronic payment fraud is also a common way people attempt to defraud businesses.

November 2012

Protect Your Business Checklist

Staying alert is the best way to help protect your business from information theft and payment fraud. As a team, staff can work together to support business information safety, thus contributing to the larger picture of your organizational success and ensuring theft protection, payment fraud protection and more.

November 2012

Protect Your Business From Malware

Malware, aka malicious software, is a general term for any software used to access a computer system without the owner's authorization.

November 2012

Protecting Your Organization against Payment Fraud

Avoid the detrimental impact of payment fraud with these tips from KeyBank.

June 2018

What is Business Identity Theft?

Identity theft victims can be individuals – or businesses. Identity theft is a federal crime that occurs when an individual or group steals identifying information and uses it to commit fraud. Information violators can target businesses through the mail or on the web in various forms such as spoof emails, online scams, and fraudulent payments.

December 2012

Fraud Prevention

Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself or your business.

June 2018

Contact Keybank Immediately If You Think You May Be a Victim of Identity Theft:

  • To report confirmed fraud or identity theft on your KeyBank account, call 1-800-433-0124
  • To report a lost or stolen KeyBank credit or debit card, call 1-800-539-9056

If You Believe You’ve Received a Suspicious Email:

  • Forward the email to (do not change or re-type the subject line)
  • Do not open any attachments or click on any links
  • If you opened attachments, or clicked on any links, call Online Banking Support at 1-800-539-1539