Privacy and Security

Knowledge is your greatest asset in your quest to keep information safe on the web. At KeyBank, we take security seriously, using sophisticated tools and technology to protect your financial information, and constantly monitoring our systems for any indications of attempted cyber attacks. Learn about the many forms Internet fraud can take – and the best ways to defend against it – in our easy-to-use virtual library of security information.

Current Security Alert

09/2016 – Instances of fraud in the form of phishing scams are especially prevalent in the wake of widely publicized bank mergers or acquisitions. All KeyBank and First Niagara clients should understand that KeyBank will never ask them to remedy a problem in an unsolicited email, text message or phone call; and should be aware of the types of phishing scams that may be perpetuated during this time to help avoid becoming a victim. Learn More >

KeyBank is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Learn more about the ways we honor that commitment here.