Bonnie Marlor

Area Retail Leader

<p>Bonnie Marlor</p>


What made you choose KeyBank as an employer?

"Key's emphasis on guiding customers towards financial wellness is really exciting for me. I get to help people from all walks of life, helping them navigate ways to improve their financial outcomes. I feel very rewarded seeing our customers grow through the years."

What role has leadership development played in your employee experience?

"Coaching is a big part of Key's internal culture. I came to Key from another bank and started as a Branch Manager. From the start I was developed by an amazing mentor who encouraged me to pursue becoming an Area Retail Leader. Key does a great job of promoting internal talent. Managers who have trusted me to run meetings or work directly with senior leadership have played a role in building my confidence and experience. Now I’m proud to be in a position to extend that mentorship to others."

Has your hard work been rewarded?

"Yes, there are a variety of ways that I have been personally rewarded through various team award programs that Key sponsors, the 'Key Kuddos' recognition program and, of course, our excellent incentive plan. At Key there is a focus on setting clear, measurable goals. I know exactly what is required of me to meet and exceed expectations."

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.