Chris Holtyn

Former Risk Review Intern
Now: Auditor

<p><p>Chris Holtyn</p>


Why did you decide to stay with Key beyond the intern program?

The first reason is the people - the coworkers, the leaders, the mentors. You can build an amazing support network here. I have felt 100% supported in the multiple intern and analyst programs I've participated in. I could reach out to my onsite manager, intern manager, or really walk up to anyone for help. Key's risk review team is a very supportive group.

I also love the work I'm doing now. Key's intern and analyst programs gave me a chance to explore many teams and opportunities within KeyBank, and I learned that I was drawn to audit work. In Audit, I have been able to build my experience and put myself on a career track I'm passionate about.

What is Key’s culture like, from your perspective?

Very supportive and diverse. I feel that not only is my career growth supported but also my personal growth. As a Key employee, the ball is in your court, and you have to run with it.

Key has many different networking groups. They aren't exclusive groups; you can participate in any of them. These groups offer a unique opportunity to learn about other cultures, share your insight as a newcomer and learn about the people you work with. I've been especially impacted by my participation in the military veteran networking group. It has so much to offer young professionals. Veterans have such a different outlook based on military experience. They have unique perspectives on problem-solving, and I've learned so much from others in this group.

Overall, I would say there is a lot of respect for one another in this company and an openness to give advice to help solve problems.

What is leadership like in your department?

In my first intern interview, the manager said, "tell me about yourself," and I froze. Many managers would reject someone who failed to answer a simple question, but she was gracious and just moved on and gave me a chance. That was a telling experience about Key's leadership and culture. You don't have to be perfect. Key is looking for people who bring unique perspectives to the team. We're looking for people who can connect, collaborate, and work together toward common goals. Be yourself.

Do you feel your experience at Key helped you move your career forward?

Absolutely. You must put in the work, but initiative never goes unnoticed at Key. A willingness to learn will pay off over time. There is so much opportunity. Most lines of business at Key have an intern program. Even if you join an area you aren't passionate about, but you want to stay with Key because you like the people/culture, you are very likely to find something else that works better for you. I went a different path than where I first interned, but it was such a great experience and networking opportunity that lead me to where I am now.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.