Logan Rishaw

Personal Banker

<p><p>Logan Rishaw</p>


What do you like most about Key’s culture?

I like the focus on coaching and hands-on learning experiences. I didn’t know if Banking would be my long-term career path but I’ve learned to love advising clients and learning from others in the company. They send Financial Advisors, Private Banking experts and other business leaders to our location to coach us on their areas of expertise and help us develop in our careers.

I’ve already grown in my role more than I expected – every 5-6 months I progress and take on more responsibility. Right now I’m focused on getting better at the Banker role. There are so many opportunities at Key and that really excites me.

Tell me about your team…

We are a small team – pretty relaxed. At my current branch we’re all friends and we go out after work. We are a supportive group, always helping each other problem solve. My Branch Manager always has my back too. She is very receptive to my desire to move up and pushes me to pursue it. She’s very experienced and willingly passes on knowledge.

Did you already have banking experience?

No, I joined Key as a part-time Teller right out of college and had no banking experience. I had to learn a lot about how banks work. I participated in a comprehensive week-long training program and felt useful immediately on day one. I still participate in ongoing training to learn specialties of the job – lending, accounting, etc.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.