What do you like most about Key’s culture? How is it different from past roles you’ve held?

I’m a pretty die hard KeyBank advocate. My son is chronically ill. I have a lot of responsibility with him and when I started I was worried that the company wouldn’t understand. They have never batted an eye about my needs to occasionally take care of him. They say I’m a mom before a manager, and they have allowed me to put my family at the center while also performing in my role. I work extra hard as a result.

I also like how active we are in the community. We don’t just talk about it, if it interests you there are constant opportunities to get involved and help the community – Junior Achievement, career days, Neighbors Make a Difference Day, panels, focus groups. I keep pretty busy!

Tell me about your team…

My team is happy. I know they like coming to work. We have fun, we produce. I like to think I’m approachable and they feel they can be themselves. We are a top producing branch and I believe our happiness and passion for what we do plays a large role in that success.

Has Key contributed to your career development?

Key has continued to support and develop me, allowing me to take on larger and larger branches. Not only is there so much opportunity, but there is an unusual willingness among our leaders to connect our employees to other people in the company to allow them to flourish. I have always felt comfortable raising my hand and exploring my options. We want happy employees who are in roles that are a good fit for them.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.