Quintetta Stubblefield

Fraud Ops, Sr. Department Manager

<p>Quintetta Stubblefield</p>


What has been your career journey with Key?

I've been at Key for 12 years! I studied sociology, criminology, and Black studies and thought I'd spend my career in corrections. Banking wasn't top of mind. However, I wanted to gain experience and started working in Key's Answer Bank. I enjoyed the environment at Key and saw many possible career paths and even ways I could use my degree. While pursuing my master's in criminal justice, a new team was being created—the Fraud hotline. I gave it a go, and I've moved up the ranks in the Fraud department since.

What do you like about working here?

Everyone is so friendly and helpful. It can be intimidating coming into a large organization. Still, I never had any significant barriers because someone has always been willing to help, inviting me into conversations and leaders facilitating relationships. Key is just made up of good people. For example, my boss understood my school schedule and accommodated my desire to improve myself. As a manager, I can foster someone's talent and interest to move onward and upward—preparing them for those next steps. I've always felt prepared for the roles I've moved into at Key—always set up for success.

What exactly does the Fraud team do?

Anyone can be a victim of fraud. There are always vulnerabilities and scams out there. I love that I play a role in identifying a trend and communicating that to all our client-facing partners to help empower people in the communities we serve to identify suspicious phone calls, emails, and text messages. We are at the forefront of new fraud schemes and are early indicators that can help with prevention and early detection for our clients.

What type of personality thrives on the Fraud team?

No day is the same. There are fire drills, and we handle them. I think it's essential to enjoy solving problems and be comfortable working under pressure. Initially nervous, I got good at prioritizing steps toward a credible solution. You can hone your problem-solving skills on this team.

Anyone stepping into a fraud strategy role will need to be agile. We all have duties we are responsible for, but we all need to be ready to jump in and assist when situations arise. Cross-functional business lines and system knowledge are essential. You must be nimble and add other things to daily tasks as needed. You don't know when something big can happen with fraud, but it's always a high priority and urgent to drive towards a solution.

What would you tell a candidate about the culture on your team?

Our team is a strong representation of Key's overall culture. There are diverse backgrounds on this team, and everyone brings different strengths, which combine to make for a solid team. I value how big Key is on promoting from within and ensuring team members have what they need to succeed.

You can always ask anyone for assistance at Key. Even if they can't help you, they will point you in the right direction. Our support for one another is unspoken and unmatched. It's a big part of why I've stayed. I have so much support from my direct managers and department heads. I feel I'm treated like a person daily.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.