Rashida Perez

Senior Lead Auditor

<p><p>Rashida Perez</p>


What is Key’s culture like, from your perspective?

Key has excelled at providing a diverse and inclusive culture. Throughout my years at Key, I have always felt like a valued employee.

From my experience, my voice has been heard, and my diverse background has always been respected.

Do you feel your experience at Key helped you move your career forward?

Absolutely! I began my career at Key right out of college. I was a finance major and had no idea what I wanted to do, but I knew I needed to start somewhere. I began working at the credit campus as a commercial banking underwriter for Middle-Market. Working at the credit campus provided me with a great foundation of credit experience that I will carry throughout my entire career.

After my time at the credit campus, I joined the Risk Review Group (RRG). I was able to expand my credit knowledge and add audit experience through RRG’s various training opportunities. I’ve found the managers in RRG are very supportive in helping me to reach my career goals.

How does your role contribute to the bank’s goals?

As part of Key’s third line of defense, members of the Risk Review Group are responsible for providing an independent assessment of Key’s processes and risks. It’s vital to protect Key and manage risk to a moderate risk appetite.

Do you feel Key lives up to its promise of building a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture?

Yes, Key’s dedication to bringing your authentic self to work has truly been demonstrated within RRG.

RRG has leveraged Key’s Bridging the Gap training as the basis for a monthly discussion series to promote understanding, respect, and inclusion. I think these discussions have helped encourage RRG members to bring our authentic selves to work.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.