You Wo

Quantitative Team Leader

<p><p>You Wo</p>


What do you enjoy about the work you do?

My work is project based and that has given me an opportunity to collaborate and learn from people in different areas of expertise. I’ve learned so much about various lines of business in this role. In time I’ve been exposed to multiple areas, such as retail CCAR/CECL, customer scoring, compliance (fraud & anti-money laundering), treasury, marketing and so much more. Statistics is a very practical subject, and I love that my skills can be utilized across the bank.

Tell me about your team…

My team works to identify model risks within specific models. We independently validate the models and verify if the model is appropriate for its use considering model assumptions and limitations. We have a lot of discussions internally with coworkers and externally with modelers and users during the validation. We are open-minded and open to considering various possible solutions.

My manager is also very supportive of us. I have been encouraged to pursue certificates and specialized training. I’ve also been provided the opportunity to attend industry conferences to learn from what others are doing.

What do you like most about Key’s culture?

I appreciate Key’s focus on diversity. We’re encouraged to learn from others with different backgrounds and gain perspective. I joined Key’s Asian American networking group and participate in many activities where we have opportunities to celebrate our traditional festivals and learn about other cultures. Having access to this network makes me feel respected.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.