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Financial Wellness Banker

KeyBank is more than a checking, savings and loan provider. We provide a vast range of financial services that are designed to help people and businesses thrive, and we work every day to build our clients’ knowledge and awareness of their many financial product and service options. Financial Wellness Bankers are instrumental in educating the community on the many ways Key can help clients adjust how they approach their finances that can amount to better financial outcomes in the future.

The Financial Wellness Banker is a multifaceted role. If you love interacting with the public, being kept on your toes, multitasking, wearing many hats and having a lot of variety in your day, this could be the role for you. The Financial Wellness Banker is not stationed in any one location within the branch. On any given day you might be greeting clients and working to understand what brought them in, assisting customers with their transactions on the Teller line or engaging clients in a financial wellness review to identify opportunities for unexpressed needs or validating the financial plan they have in place. Picking up the phone and calling on a book of business or going out on sales calls to drive new business are also common tasks for this role. The knowledge you build in this role is incredible.

A drive to do the right thing and help people in any way possible tends to be a highly successful characteristic in this role. This role could lead to your getting licensed, or you could go into management or any number of paths within the bank. The starting place is a desire to listen and learn about our clients’ needs. Helping members of your community develop better credit scores, manage challenging life changes and build better savings habits are just a few of the rewarding things you can be a part of when working in our branches.

Related Backgrounds

  • Sales
  • Client Experience
  • Retail
  • Hospitality

Core Competencies

  • Passion for financial wellness and helping others
  • Proven ability to provide exceptional customer service and client experience
  • Experience developing new and current customer relationships, achieving sales goals and building referral pipelines
  • Demonstrated experience with business partner collaboration

We offer a wide range of Financial Wellness Banker opportunities across our 1,100+ full-service branches.