Lack of banking experience is not a barrier to working with Key. We value your commitment and service to our nation and recognize that your unique set of skills and experiences help make our organization stronger.


The values and leadership gained through your service are an invaluable asset to Key, and our promise is to help match your skills to the best possible employment opportunities. Our aim is to hire and retain veterans and their spouses to enable them to pursue fulfilling and rewarding careers as part of our workplace community. Key has a strong record in supporting military members and their families. We are dedicated to recruiting, developing and retaining:



Military spouses


Success is built on a highly engaged workforce. Our Key Business Impact & Networking Groups (KBINGs) are critical to our service member recruiting vision and strategy. These employee resource groups help us attract, engage, develop and retain a diverse workforce and inform our business strategy. Our KBINGs are open to all employees, including:

  • African Heritage
  • Asia
  • Champions of People with Disabilities
  • Hispanic-Latinx
  • Jewish Cultural
  • Key for Lifetime Contributors
  • Key Legal Exchange
  • Key Military Network
  • Key Women’s Network
  • Key Young Professionals
  • Parents are Key

Career Growth

We value your experience and provide continuous career growth, so we can reach our full potential together through on-the-job training programs and facilitated learning experiences.

Key leaders care for their employees. Key has done so much for me. They have invested in my professional development and opened doors for me I could never have imagined. I never thought I’d work in banking, but I can now tell you my allegiance is with Key.

Stephen Pease, Area Retail Leader

We're attracted to the veteran profile because it aligns to a lot of that we do here. Project management, budgeting, leading teams, problem solving; those soft skills can be applicable to many different types of opportunities here at Key that don't necessarily require somebody to have a background in banking.

Hiring Our Nation's Heroes


As someone who went through my own transition from the military to corporate America, there is a period of just learning, but it's no different than getting a new assignment and having to learn a new assignment in the military. I think you'll find a lot of things at Key that are similar in some ways to the military. There is an absolute bias to be thinking strategically, but executing tactically. And so in some ways, those values of the military, I think are absolutely translatable here at Key.

Transitioning from the Military


The veteran experience brings something to the table that you cannot find in any other candidate. The teamwork, the perseverance, the learning agility, the flexibility, the desire to complete a task, or reach a goal, whether that's an individual goal or a goal as a team, those are all things that are at the core of what we do. And so, candidates that come to us with those types of skill set, they're so valuable. They're important to, you know, every part of our organization.

Key Values the Vet Experience


We have a veteran community. We call it the Key Military Network. This is 300 plus individuals strong. These are people who know the situation that our veterans transitioning are in. We have a mentorship program where we pair incoming folks with the network so that we can help that transition happen. We have regular get-togethers on a national scale so that we can make sure we're working together as a community and solving problems. So this in an area where I think Key has put effort, put focus, and we really do, do a nice job of welcoming, transitioning, and retaining our military community, who decides to join Key.

Key Military Network


To the veteran who's concerned about not having a finance background or a traditional banking background, I would say we have several parts of our organization on the operations and support side, administrative, human resources that do not require individuals to have these technical financial skills. Many people who join our organization don't come from a banking background, and we like that.

All Experiences Welcomed

Awarded for Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our commitment to diversity is reflected in the awards we've received. We have an exciting record of eleven years of perfect Corporate Equality Index scores. DiversityInc has named us a Top 50 Company for nine consecutive years. And we've achieved even more:

Diversity & Inclusion

13x winner

DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity (2005, 2007-2009, 2014-2022)

Diversity & Inclusion

3x winner

DiversityInc Top Companies for People with Disabilities (2019-2020, 2022)

Diversity & Inclusion

2x winner

DiversityInc Top Companies for Veterans (2020, 2022)

Diversity & Inclusion


DiversityInc Top Companies for Philanthropy


DiversityInc Top Companies for Sponsorship

14x winner

Human Rights Campaign Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality (2008-2011, 2013-2022)

8x winner

Points of Light's Civic 50 for Community-Minded Companies (2013, 2014, 2016-2021)

8x winner

Military Friendly® Employer (2015-2022)

6x winner

Military Friendly® Spouse Employer (2017-2022)

3x winner

Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (2020-2022)

5x winner

National Organization on Disability Leading Disability Employer Seal (2017-2021)

7x winner

Black EOE Journal "Best of the Best" Top Employers (2015-2021)

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Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.