David K. Wilson  Biopic

(Retired) Examiner-in-Charge

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Director, KeyCorp

Until his retirement in January 2014, David K. Wilson served in a variety of positions with the OCC over the course of a 32 year career, including as Examiner-In-Charge (EIC) of two global banks and a number of policy focused roles.

In 2009 Mr. Wilson transitioned from Large Bank EIC into policy work, initially as Senior National Bank Examiner and co-chair of the OCC’s National Risk Committee. In 2010 he was appointed Deputy Comptroller for Credit and Market Risk. He then served as Senior Deputy Comptroller and Chief National Bank Examiner briefly before returning to the field as EIC of Citibank. His duties included providing advice and counsel to the Comptroller of the Currency, giving Congressional testimony, policy development, and the regulatory rulemaking processes following the Dodd-Frank Act. Mr. Wilson participated in the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) process and was the OCC representative on FSOC’s Systemic Risk Committee. He chaired the FFIEC’s Task Force on Supervision.

Mr. Wilson also spent several years with First Interstate Bancorp (now part of Wells Fargo) in the early- to mid-1990s, first as a Regional Credit Review Manager and then as Executive Vice President and Senior Credit Review Officer.

In recent years, Mr. Wilson has served as an independent consultant focusing on bank regulatory and risk strategy matters.

Mr. Wilson has a bachelor of science degree in finance and banking from the University of Missouri.