When you open doors, people with big plans can walk in. Like Ramat.

A chef and creative entrepreneur, who didn’t let a pandemic stop her from starting Adun Spice Co. where she curates spices inspired by her heritage, and gives back to her community by donating to local food charities.

So KeyBank invests in Ramat, with financial advice and support.

Because opening a door for one person, opens doors across a community.

KeyBank Opens Doors.

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Ramat Wiley

Ramat Wiley is a creative entrepreneur and a proud Cleveland native who believes in giving back.

KeyBank is proud to call her a client, and we’re proud to share the impact she’s made in her neighborhood and in the culinary community.

Whether you decide to volunteer, donate, or simply work to make a change in your community, every little bit counts, and you could be a motivator to the next person.

Ramat Wiley

Ramat’s passion for food, fellowship, and honoring her heritage inspired her to start Adun Spice Co. And like Ramat, her small business is full of flavor—flavors like Maple Cajun, Citrus Garlic, and Smoked Sea Salt.

But her work doesn’t stop there. Ramat donates a portion of her proceeds to organizations and charities close to her heart, like Community Fridge Cleveland, Ohio City Farm, and BIN Food Pantry.

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Making a difference in our community

KeyBank is committed to doing our part to help our clients and communities thrive, and we do it one opportunity, one goal, one success story at a time.

Key Helps Indianapolis Families Preserve Homes

The Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership’s Stabilization Repair Loan Program, with support from KeyBank, is helping Indianapolis homeowners with low to moderate incomes finance needed home repairs affordably. This program helps them to sustain the homes they worked hard to achieve and keep their neighborhoods vibrant.

August 2021 Learn more about INHP

Key Supports Innovative Reentry and Recycle Program

With support from KeyBank, Indianapolis-based RecycleForce provides transitional employment and skills training to hundreds of new citizens referred by Indiana’s corrections system, while also safely recycling millions of pounds of electronic and metal waste.

September 2021 Learn more about RecycleForce

To learn more about KeyBank’s commitment to investing in communities, read our Community Benefits Plan initiative.