Equifax recently disclosed a cybersecurity incident that might affect more than 140 million people whose personal information and account information is stored in Equifax databases.

What to Know

  • While KeyBank uses Equifax while evaluating loan applications, our current understanding is that client data provided to Equifax for this reason was not breached.
  • Neither commercial card issuers nor prepaid card issuers report any information to any credit bureaus, including Equifax, so KeyBank clients who use commercial or prepaid cards should not be affected.
  • Helping to protect your financial assets is among KeyBank's highest priorities. We continually monitor your accounts for suspicious activity that might stem from a security breach at another organization.
  • Equifax has established a FAQ page to respond to public concern.

What to Do

  • Regardless of the situation, KeyBank recommends that you regularly monitor your accounts for any unauthorized activity. Please continue to do so and immediately contact KeyBank’s Fraud & Disputes Hotline at 1-800-433-0124 or email reportphish@keybank.com if you see suspicious activity.
  • Visit KeyBank's Privacy and Security page for more information on steps you can take to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud.

This material is presented for informational purposes only and should not be construed as individual advice.

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