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Support Resources for Life Events

Help as you navigate life changes.

As you move through life, there are plenty of moments when you could use support or advice. Key's Live Well & Thrive | Employee Support & Wellness Program offers resources and assistance for dealing with the good and bad curveballs that come your way.


Through the program's website, eligible employees can access a wide range of tools, guidance and resources for major life events, including:

  • Getting Married: Wedding planning guides and checklists, information about marriage laws and licenses, and tips for a healthy marriage
  • Having Children: Guides for planning an adoption, raising a special needs child and preparing for a new baby
  • Caring for Seniors: Insights and guidance for a wide variety of senior needs, including tools for caregivers, housing, healthcare and safety
  • Making a House a Home: Tips for making informed decisions about buying, repairing and maintaining a house, as well as moving or relocating
  • Coping with a Serious Illness: Emotional support and guidance, and help finding resources and support
  • Getting Divorced: Help finding an attorney, tips for surviving divorce and guidance for managing finances
  • Struggling with a Loss: Help dealing with grief, living with a loss and ways to remember a loved one

The information provided above is intended to be a summary of Key’s benefit programs. Detailed eligibility criteria and other information is available on HR Online.

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Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.