Diversity and Inclusion Awareness

How Key is Delivering on Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We want to be perceived as the employer of choice. Recognizing and fully developing each employee's abilities and experiences involves them in a way that builds rapport, respect, ownership and loyalty.

When we make it known that we view diversity and inclusion as an asset, we will attract talented people from a wider pool.

Key's Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Our diversity and inclusion strategy focuses on three key components that strengthen Key's brand in the community and marketplace:

Workforce Diversity

Sourcing top talent, developing that talent and ultimately retaining our diverse employees is Key's number one focus on the diversity journey. Key understands the importance of developing a workforce that is a reflection of the communities in which we do business.

Workplace Diversity

When you come to work each day, you bring your diversity with you.  Key strives for an inclusive culture and work environment that maximizes talent and productivity to benefit our employees and the organization.

Marketplace Diversity

By attracting and serving a diverse client base, Key's inclusive business practices build relationships and support local and national economies.  Additionally, as a devoted community partner, Key's most significant investment is to give back to the communities in which our diverse customers, employees and investors live and work.

Diversity and Inclusion is Ingrained in our Corporate Values

Key's Approach to Diversity and Inclusion

Key views diversity and inclusion as a way to win in the marketplace. We win by attracting, coaching and retaining a talented workforce. We win by expanding our supplier diversity. And, we win by reaching out to an increasingly diverse base of potential clients and attracting them to do business with Key.

That's why Key fosters an environment where diversity and inclusion can flourish – where all people can contribute their unique characteristics, skills and talents. Diversity and inclusion bring substantial benefits to Key.

Leveraging Inclusion is an Asset to Key

An inclusive workplace welcomes and engages individuals with a variety of attributes and provides them with equal opportunities to contribute to the business and advance their careers. Key is committed to being a strong company where employees can accelerate the full power of their unique skills and share wholly in career advancement opportunities.

The Business Value of Diversity and Inclusion

To be a leader in today's highly competitive marketplace, KeyCorp needs a diverse set of talents and skills. To distinguish ourselves from our competitors we need to capitalize on the differences in our workforce. To succeed we must translate these differences into skills, perspectives and alternative ways of thinking.

Marketplace demographics are changing more rapidly and dramatically than ever before. Understanding different values and perspectives can open new markets to Key. Plus, a diverse workforce will enable us to better serve this diverse customer base.

Recent Awards and Recognition

Key has been recognized for our demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion, and has been awarded:

  • Diversity-Inc — KeyCorp has been named a Top Company for diversity and inclusion since 2005. Key received current awards for Top 10 Companies for Diversity, and Top 10 Companies for Diversity Councils.
  • Human Rights Campaign — Key has scored a current perfect 100 on the Corporate Equality Index eight times overall; Key is the first Cleveland-headquartered company to receive a perfect score.