What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I work to improve tech interactions that directly impact our clients. All of these little interactions are an accumulation of experiences that changes how people bank and how they think about KeyBank. It’s exciting that we are pursuing industry leading tech in ways that other banks are not thinking about. Every bank is technologically advancing, what’s unique to Key is this idea of using technology to look at people’s finances and genuinely help them pursue financial wellness. I don’t think other banks are willing to go as far we are.

How does your team operate?

We are an exciting and hard working group. We move quickly to determine if a solution is going to work. If it’s not a big win, we move onto the next thing. We are in a constant state of growth and iteration. We have more oversight than a tech firm, but we have executive level support to be on the cutting edge of bank tech.

Do you feel your results are rewarded?

Yes. I feel I am measured by my results and in return I am granted a lot of trust and autonomy to chart my own path on projects. Also, my work has been recognized. My team was recently awarded the Chairman’s Award for our digital transformation work. It was a big, complex, time-intensive project. We knew we had something to be proud of in that work, but having it acknowledged by the top of the house was really rewarding.

Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.