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Dave Nolan of Quality Control Services
Growing our economy

Moving Up

Dave Nolan, president and owner of a multimillion-dollar, award winning commercial inspection business, shares his story of setbacks, perseverance and success.


As Cleveland’s hometown bank, we take great pride in our city. We are headquartered here, we live here, our families and friends live here. We have maintained an allegiance for nearly two centuries. Over the years we have invested in northeast Ohio communities through our work, our relationships, our philanthropy and our sponsorships. We have championed the region’s revitalization and are proud to call it home.

“Cleveland’s transition over the past decade can be seen and felt at every turn. There is a renewed energy that ripples through the region, a vibrancy that has touched everyone. Through the successes of our clients, our community partners and our employees, we are honored to be part of the story.” – Kip Clarke, Cleveland Market President

Growing Our Economy

Growing our economy

It is our commitment to invest in ventures that will have the greatest impact in the community. For us it goes beyond business – it’s personal, emotional. We believe in our city and are deeply committed to stabilizing and revitalizing its neighborhoods.

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Be The Red Key

Be the Red Key

We’re not just a major company and a major employer; we are 6,000 people serving thousands of clients and hundreds of organizations in Northeast Ohio every day. We are a catalyst and a force for good in the community, empowering businesses to succeed, neighborhoods to thrive, and individuals to achieve their goals.

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