Watch "Hope for Affordable Seniors Housing"

April 2022

Demand for affordable housing options for seniors is only continuing to grow as baby boomers retire, but funding to build housing isn’t. See how our teams are financing affordable seniors housing that restores dignity and independence and strengthens communities, thus impacting some of our most beloved citizens.

Amy Custodio: Sometimes after a certain event in your life, it's kind of hard.

Diana Toohey: I lived in a horrendous situation. And I was seeing my mental health going down.

Marlene Alva: And a lot of us are under a thousand dollars in income.

Bruce Nicholson: Made it very difficult for us, because large medical bills.

Robert Likes: It's critical that projects like this project get developed so that the seniors can have enough discretionary income left over to pay for necessities like food and transportation and healthcare.

JoAnn Seghini: I believe that affordable housing is the answer to the problems that we have in our community.

Kip Sheppard: Our goal is to continue to provide safe, decent quality housing for our senior population.

Amy Custodio: So when I got approved for this place, I'm more independent and I can stay here.

Diana Toohey: The key to not only success, but to rise above.

14 million seniors will need affordable housing by 20291

KeyBank teams are working in all 50 states to address this issue by:

  • Partnering with developers 
  • Collaborating with local governments and municipalities
  • Providing deep industry expertise and much-needed capital to move even the most complicated deals over the finish line
  • Helping provide quality, safe, affordable housing to help communities thrive

KeyBank was the second largest affordable housing lender for 2021.2  To learn more or to speak to one of our affordable housing lending experts, visit


NORC at the University of Chicago "Health Affairs Study: More Than Half of Middle-Income Seniors Will Lack Financial Resources for Seniors Housing and Care by 2029" 4/24/19

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