Tough Online Banking Security Settings

Online banking security is important. That’s why convenience and protection go hand in hand with KeyBank's online banking system. You enjoy complete 24/7 access to your accounts, while we get the satisfaction of providing you with that convenience in a well-protected online environment. We are pleased to deliver multiple levels of security settings within a customer-friendly system.

Strong Sign-on Requirements

To help ensure that your User ID and password are most effective, KeyBank sets specific requirements for login information. User IDs must be a unique combination of 9-20 characters and cannot be Social Security or tax ID numbers. Passwords must be at least eight characters, and include at least one number.

We also employ unique online banking security questions before releasing forgotten login information, as well as to further verify identity in online banking areas that contain especially sensitive information.

Trustworthy Processes

The best way to access our convenient online banking system is to accept cookies from us or save as a trusted source.

Internet Explorer users:

  • Save as a trusted site by selecting Tools from the top of your browser. From there, click Internet Options > Security Tab > Trusted Sites > Sites. Add > OK.

  • Accept cookies by clicking Tools on the top of your browser. From there, click Internet Options > Privacy Tab > Advanced > Uncheck Override automatic cookie handling > OK > Select Sites > Type in the website address field > Allow > OK.

Firefox users:

  • Accept cookies from by selecting Tools from the top browser menu. Then choose Options > Privacy Tab > Check Accept cookies from sites > Keep until: they expire > Uncheck Always clear my private data when I close Firefox > Exceptions > Add in the website address field > Allow.

When you have completed your online banking session, sign off and close the browser. Should you forget, however, we enforce automatic sign-off after 20 minutes of inactivity on the page to provide maximum online banking security and protection from identity theft.