Our $16.5 billion, 15-state community investment plan is designed to infuse our communities with mortgages, business loans and philanthropy. By stimulating economic growth for low to moderate income individuals and businesses we help inspire change.

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Economic Growth

How KeyBank Fuels Economic Growth

Have you heard the saying, "It takes money to make money"? At KeyBank, we understand the truth behind this statement, and we know that communities need more than sheer determination to create wealth.

October 2019
Economic Growth

Scholarships for Minority Medical Students at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine Help Achieve Dreams

Many people dream of becoming physicians out of a passion for helping others, but the cost of medical school can be a significant barrier. According to the American Medical Student Association, the average medical student graduated with $190,000 in student debt in 2016, and 25 percent of graduates carried debts higher than $200,000.

July 2018
Economic Growth

From High School to Painter to Ohio Small Business Person of the Year, One Man’s Journey to the Top

At age 32 an accident left Dave Nolan, then a commercial painter, with a debilitating injury. Nearly 20 years later, he’s the president and owner of a multimillion-dollar award winning commercial inspection business.

May 2018
Economic Growth

New Retention Program Helps Cleveland’s First-Generation Hispanic College Students Hear the Words, “Congratulations, Graduate!”

Local program helps Hispanic college students navigate higher education, learn skills and gain support to graduate within a reasonable timeframe, fewer than six years.

April 2018
Economic Growth

KeyBank Foundation Grants $250,000 to Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon

KeyBank's donation to Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon will ensure that small businesses get the helping hand they need to achieve success.

March 2018
Economic Growth

From Prison to Five-Star Chef

The Oscar-nominated film Knife Skills chronicles the opening of EDWINS – an award winning Cleveland restaurant that provides a second chance for formerly incarcerated men and women.

March 2018
Economic Growth

KeyBank and JumpStart Target Funding to Boost Cincinnati Minority Business Accelerator

Cincinnati minority businesses are expected to grow after a grant from KeyBank to an area business accelerator. The investment will boost hiring and revenue and allow these businesses to continue on their path to success.

March 2018
Economic Growth

Small Businesses Take the NextStep Into Growth

University Circle Inc.’s innovative NextStep program is designed to help CEOs of local small businesses grow and scale their operations by developing their skills and network of peers and advisors.

February 2018
Economic Growth

Popular Yoga Studio Grows with Fun and Fitness

Tami Schneider built her business from scratch by focusing on getting people together to exercise and have fun. Today, Cleveland Yoga is one of the most popular studios in Greater Cleveland.

January 2018
Economic Growth

Key Donates $450,000 to Support New Job Growth in Maine’s Rural Counties

With help from KeyBank, rural Maine expects to see a jump in job growth and small business development as Coastal Enterprises, Inc. ramps up its services.

December 2017
Economic Growth

Entrepreneur Says Strong Professional Partnerships Critical For Success

Through strong partnerships, Cleveland based Staffing Solutions Enterprises has managed to weather numerous recessions. Founder Carmella Calta shares her business tips for entrepreneurs.

November 2017
Economic Growth

Saucy Brew Works

The Cleveland beer scene gains a new brewery, Saucy Beer Works, built on quality brews, local knowledge and strong partnerships. But the owner says successfully starting a craft brewery takes one more thing: forward thinking. Here’s what they’ve done and what they’ve got coming up.

October 2017