Financial services can be complex to navigate, but our Client Champions easily break down challenging concepts to help individuals and businesses simplify and feel more confident about their financial decisions.

Client Champion Positions

As a Client Champion, you’re the face of Key, a trusted advisor who skillfully helps clients make solid financial decisions. These wide-ranging positions can be found in our Community, Private or Corporate Bank and include opportunities both in our corporate and branch offices:

  • Financial Wellness Consultant
  • Customer Service
  • Retail Banking
  • Mortgage
  • Investment Banking
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Commercial Payments
  • … and many more

Featured Opportunities

If you're seeking a position that allows face-to-face interaction where you can use your energy to help others thrive, consider becoming one of our Client Champions. Currently, we're actively looking for applicants in the following featured roles:

Consumer Bank (Serving Individuals)

Private Bank (Serving Individuals)

Corporate Bank (Serving Businesses)

Talking with clients to explore all avenues toward financial wellness lets me know that each day I am making a difference in my community. I truly enjoy what I do and aim to make each interaction personal and impactful. I'm privileged to call KeyBank home.

Sean Mears, Relationship Manager

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Key is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.